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About is an unofficial, personal blog devoted to the love of all things Maileg. It is not affiliated with the Maileg company in any way. If you’re looking for the official Maileg website, please visit

With that disclaimer out of the way, “Welcome to my little corner of the Internet.” I’m a mom from Vancouver, Canada who discovered Maileg in the long winter months of 2020. I’ve written about how Maileg first came to my attention and how my obsession blossomed; you can read about it here.

This website was born from a suggestion on a Maileg Facebook group that I’m a member of and an insatiable desire to plunge a little deeper into the Maileg world. I’ve spent far too many late nights scrolling through websites from shops all around the world trying to find out everything I possibly can about Maileg pieces; current and retired. It became a hobby, an escape from the doldrums of pandemic life. Over time my (I mean my toddler’s) collection has grown from a couple of mice to a huge mouse family who happily reside in the House of Miniature dollhouse. They receive daily visits from their friends the Teddy family, some wonderful Bunnies, a sauve parisienne Rat, and our most recent addition, a very polite Kitten.

Goals of

The purpose of this website is to be a central point of information for new Maileg inductees and long time collectors alike. There’s nothing for sale here, just a sharing of information. When one first dips their toe in the Maileg pond there’s a lot of information to take in and it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. I had to piece together information from various sources to fully grasp the many options that Maileg offers. I still learn new things all the time. Now, this is not to say that Maileg’s own websites aren’t wonderful, in fact they’re really excellent and have loads information but if you’re looking for details on products outside what is available from them at a particular moment in time, you might not find it there. That’s where a lot of amazing retailers have been a huge resource. I have a number of favourites bookmarked and refer to them often, whether it’s to buy or just for the pure joy of browsing.

This site is new so it’s very much a work-in-progress. That said I have a few initial goals that I will be working towards and then perhaps we’ll see what goes from there.

1. Beginner Guides for New Maileg Enthusiasts

  • Size guides;
  • Things to consider when starting a new collection;
  • Choosing a dollhouse;
  • How to safely acquire retired items;

 2. A Resource for Maileg Ideas and Inspiration

  • Where to find others who love Maileg as much as you;
  • A curated showcase of Maileg collections/setups;

3. Feature Maileg Storytelling & Artists

  • Feature guest writers who share short stories or serials.
  • Feature fan artwork.

4. Maileg News and New Releases

  • Discussion of new product releases!
  • Sharing Maileg-related news.

I hope that you find some value and enjoyment here and that it helps feed your creative spark with Maileg play. Whether you’re a young person, parent or adult enthusiast this is a place to bask in our shared love of all things Maileg!

Thanks for dropping by.