My son was about six months old. I stood in my kitchen folding laundry when a tiny stuffed bunny fell out from in between some receiving blankets. I didn’t recognise it at first but then remembered that a friend had brought over some hand-me-down toys from her son who was a bit older. I took a closer look at the bunny. He wore a cute little cotton romper and a blue knit cardigan. It was utterly adorable. I took a moment to notice his fine stitching and the lovely linen fabric he was made from. “What is this?” I asked myself. As I turned him over in my hand I found a tiny tag that read, Maileg.

I walked over to my laptop and typed the strange word into Google. The rest, as they say, is history. I would discover that this little fellow was a micro rabbit and was certainly a few years old. But more than that I was introduced the world that is Maileg. A beautiful, alternate reality made up of the sweetest wee mice and their friends: bunnies, teddies, and even cats.

More than a year later and this tiny rabbit means a great deal to me. I am more than a little horrified that I threw him so unceremoniously into the wash but I don’t think he minds. I’m grateful that he hopped into our lives and with him brought a wonderful world of whimsical make believe play for my son… and me.