Everything you need to know about Maileg—for beginners.

If you’re reading this, one may assume that you’ve fallen down the Maileg rabbit hole, or at the very least you’re leaning over the edge and gazing with wonder at all you see before you. It hardly bears saying but Maileg is a very special company. Personally, I wish there were more companies like them. Yet, it may be that the rarity of its design principles, values and approach to making beautiful objects—at least in part—are what make it so remarkable. Before we go any further I should be clear that I (the writer) am not affiliated with Maileg in any way. I’m just a huge admirer; huge. So it goes without saying, although I’ll say it anyway, I’m honoured to be able to share with you what I know about this marvellous company and it’s toys.

First, how to pronounce Maileg? It’s not as you may have thought May-leg. Rather it is pronounced, ‘My-Lie’ (rhymes with hi-why). Say it with me a few times, “My-lie, my-lie, my-lie.” You’ll get used to it, I promise. Right about now you may be asking yourself where the name comes from? Well, it’s a combination of the founder’s surname ‘Mailil’ and the Danish word meaning play, which is ‘leg’. Which leads me to the next point you should know…

Maileg is the brain-child of a remarkably talented woman named Dorothe Mailil. She founded the company together with her husband Erik in 1999. You can read more about her on the official Maileg website here.

Maileg is a Danish brand. In my personal experience I’ve found that Danish companies have incredible standards of design and quality. During my entirely unrelated career I had the opportunity to work for an iconic, Danish-owned company and I can tell you first hand what an inspiring business culture seems to find itself there. If you ever have the opportunity to visit it’s most famous city Copenhagen, do it. But I digress….

The company’s global headquarters is—as you may have guessed—in Denmark, while the North American headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia.

I can’t say it any better than the good folks at Maileg themselves, so I’ll quote from their website:

Maileg’s story making collection has a unique, authentic look and touch created by designer Dorthe Mailil. Our philosophy is a well-made, adorable toy that will last. Our toys are always limited release and will become collectibles. We believe children thrive with simpler toys rather than plastic. Fewer, better made toys open their minds to new stories and innovative ways to play which will serve them well thru life. Maileg toys are shared, cherished and played with by children of all ages, and handed down for generations. 


So, let me be the first to welcome you to the whimsical world of Maileg. Whether you’re a child, parent or adult enthusiast, these beautiful toys will spark joy in your life.

If you’re just starting your collection—and don’t kid yourself it will be a collection—you may have some questions like I did:

  • What pieces should I start with?
  • What kind of dollhouse should I get?
  • Where can I find Maileg inspiration?
  • How can I connect with others who love Maileg as much as me?
  • What are some reputable retailers?
  • How can I safely buy retired items?

This website aims to help you answer these questions and more. If you have other questions or ideas you can always send me a message or leave a comment below.

Welcome to the rabbit hole :)