Help is on the Way—Understanding Maileg Sizing

When I first became interested in Maileg it took me quite a while to understand the sizing and I have it on good authority that it wasn’t just me. Maileg sizing is probably the number one question new collectors have. There are a lot of different sizes of just about every type of critter, each correlating to it’s own furniture and accessories. While most of the smaller critters, including mice, size one bunnies, (possibly size 2 bunnies), teddies, chatons (aka kittens) and rats can dwell in the Maileg House of Miniature dollhouse, there are plenty of other cuddly critters that are a lot larger.

I will continue to write more but for the moment, I’ve created a few handy visual guides that show the relative sizing of some of the most popular Maileg soft toys. This guide will grow to include things like best friends, other animals, pixies, furniture and accessories. Stay tuned, it’s a big task so it will take me a bit to work it all out.

For now, here are a few visual guides…

Maileg Mice Sizing

Maileg Mice Sizing

These mice that are perfect for dollhouse play. Note that the baby category includes twins, triplets, and sleepy/wakey mice.

Maileg Mice Sizing including Bigger Mice

The current lineup of Maileg mice including the bigger ‘medium’ and ‘maxi’ mice.

Maileg Teddy Family Sizes

Maileg Size Guide for Mice

The Maileg Teddy family sizing ranges from 7 1/2 inches to 9 1/2 inches. They are perfect for dollhouse play.

Maileg Bunny & Rabbit Size Chart

Maileg Size Guide for Mice

The full range of Maileg bunnies and rabbits. MY, Micro and Size 1 bunnies are scaled perfectly for dollhouse play. (Click image to enlarge)

Size Comparison for All Maileg Critters

Maileg Size Guide - All Creatures

A complete size guide of all Maileg mice, bunnies, teddies and other dollhouse friendly creatures. (Click image to enlarge)